CEMs, Gas Monitors, PM & Broken Bag Monitors

Emission Monitoring:

  • Multi-Gas Analyzers
  • Dilution Based
  • Long Term Dioxin & Furan Sampling
  • Sorbent Trap Mercury
  • Particulate Monitors
  • Stack Flow Meters
Air Quality Monitoring:
  • Multi-Gas Analyzers
  • Single Gas Analyzers
  • Particulate Samplers & Analyzers
  • Broken Bag Detectors
  • Calibration Devices
  • Miniature Air Quality Monitoring
Engine Gas Monitoring:
  • Heated Ammonia Analyzer
  • Heated Nitrogen Oxides Analyzer
  • CO, CO2 & O2 Analyzer
  • Heated Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
  • Sampling Systems
  • Cabinet Analysis Systems

Warren compliments its represented line of Steel and FRP Stacks, by offering a full line of Stack Continuous Emission Monitoring systems (CEMs). In addition to Stack Gas monitoring we offer complete Process or Upstream Gas Monitoring packages, including particulate control monitors and Broken Bag Detectors.

Gases Monitored Include = Nitrogen Oxides, Oxygen, Hydrocarbons, Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, HCL, Methane, Ammonia, Mercury, Ozone, Hydrogen Fluoride, & Others

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