Fans-New, Repair & Rebuilds

    • Radial Blade Fan Wheels
    • Backward Inclined Fan Wheels
    • Backward Curved Fan Wheels
    • Airfoil Fan Wheels
    • Radial Tipped Fan Wheels
    • High Pressure Radial
    • High Pressure Blowers
    • High Temperature Fans
    • Industrial Exhauster Paddle Wheel
    • Plug and Oven Fans
    • Top Mount Fans
    • API 673 & 560 Fans

Warren specializes in Air & Gas moving applications with extensive knowledge of Fan design principles and Fan construction components. We assist with new fans or will come to your plant and measure existing fan wheels for replacement or refurbishment. Fans are offered to AMCA standards and AMCA design.

Typical Fan Materials and Construction Available = Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Custom Alloy Steel, Spark Resistant Construction, AR Liners, High Temperature, Custom High Strength Shafts

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