Expansion Joints

Belted Style Expansion Joints or Flanged U Style Expansion Joints
Components Only or Factory Assembled w/ Shipping Bars

  • 70 F to 1800 F
  • +/- 5″ wg to +/- 5 psig
  • +/- 1″ to +/- 12″ movements
  • Dirty Flow & Clean Flow

Warren supplied the very first Fabric Expansion Joints to the Industry in the early 1970s. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you long lasting Expansion Joint Solutions, whether Fabric, Metal or Rubber.

Typical EJ Materials Available = Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Custom Alloy Steel, EPDM, Viton, Teflon, Composite, Multi-Ply, Neoprene, Butyl, Hypalon, Natural Gum Rubber, Multi-Layered, Teflon Composite

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