Multi-Clone Collectors

  • Outlet Plenum Alleyway Access
  • 6″, 9″, 12″ or 24″ Tubes
  • Square or Rectangular
  • Custom Hoppers
  • Pyramid or Trough
  • Cast Tube Assemblies
  • 220 BHN, 400 BHN or 550 BHN
  • Low Pressure Drops

Warren has sold Multiclone Dust Collectors for 50+ years, since its beginning in 1967. We represent a leading provider in North America, Hunter Industries.   Primary applications we serve include Wood Boiler, Wood Furnace, Bark Boiler, Biomass Boiler, Coal Boiler, Lime Kiln, and Other Custom.

Typical Materials of Construction = Carbon Steel, Cast Iron Steel for Internal Parts, AR200+, AR400+, AR500+, Stainless Steel, and Custom Alloy Steel

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