Economizers-Coils-Heat Exchangers

  • Horizontal Box
  • Vertical Box
  • Circular
  • Down the Stack
  • Condensing / CHX

Warren specializes in offering a variety of Heat Transfer and Heat Recovery products for waste heat processes including Economizers, Condensing Economizers, Steam Coils, Air Heaters, Wast Heat Boilers, Extruded Fin Coils, Fin Plate Coils, Plate & Frame HXs, Air to Gas Coolers, and Other Types of Industrial Heat Exchangers.

Typical Applications & Industries = Air to Air, Air to Gas, Air to Steam, Gas to Steam, Air to Liquid, and Liquid to Liquid – Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Power Generation, Hydropower, Rock Products, Cement, Kaolin, HVAC, Thermal Power, and Other.

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